There are 276 practicing chiropractors in Sarasota and Manatee county and even more physical therapists, MD’s, and DO’s.  But only one Lakewood Ranch chiropractor is an Integrative Diagnosis provider.

Why do you need an Integrative Diagnosis provider?

When people feel pain, they talk to their friends and co-workers about their problem.

Everyone seems to have the fix to your problem or “their guy/girl” who is awesome and can fix everyone.

Let’s say you have the common problem of low back pain:

  1. The Chiropractor says you are out of alignment and gives you an adjustment.
  2. The Physical Therapist gives you some joint mobilizations, stretches, strengthening exercises, and some ultrasound.
  3. Your medical doctor gives you some anti-inflammatory medication and a referral to physical therapy.
  4. The Physiatrist wants to put you on heavier meds.
  5. The Active Release Technique provider says you have scar tissue formation and wants to break it down.
  6. The Orthopedic Surgeon wants to try an injection, if that doesn’t work they will look into burning your nerves or surgery.
  7. The GNC associate says you need their new “joint juice” supplement and some antioxidants.
  8. Shaq says you need an IcyHot wrap.
  9. The Trainer says your glutes aren’t firing and your core is weak.
  10. The Acupuncturist says your chi is off.
  11. The Massage Therapist says you have “tight” muscles that are filled with “knots”.
  12. Kelley Starrett says you need jab a lacrosse ball into your groin for 20 minutes and voodoo floss your hamstrings.
  13. The employee at Walgreens says to put kinesiotape on your low back and can sell it to you on site.

Do all of these people want to help you? Yes.

Are these people only finding the problems they have been trained or told to fix. Almost always.

Could each of these options potentially fix your problem? Most of them, yes. 

This is why the DIAGNOSIS is the most important part of getting you better.

To be clear, when I say diagnosis,
I am not referring to a 2-3 word term for your condition (disc bulge, low back pain, facet inflammation, etc.) I am referring to a complete understanding of the environment in which your injured joint lives, the loads you put through that joint, and the way that your painful joint moves.

A herniated disc in someone who sits at a desk for 8 hours a day has some very important differences from a herniated disc in a powerlifter.

So back to the title,

You need the Lakewood Ranch chiropractor who is an Integrative Diagnosis provider because you need someone to look at your condition objectively and with no predetermined treatment.

You need Dr. Andrew Wengert and Veracity Soft Tissue and Spine.